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Plastic pollution of seas and oceans is the most visible part of climate change, and tackling this challenge is only possible thanks to the incredible effort and commitment of different actors in society.


Beyond our mission

Global warming, extreme weather conditions, melting ice, shrinking polar ice caps, sea level change, the impact on flora, fauna, and on us…


There are many challenges that, for a long time we have not been able to see and today lead us to ask ourselves: How did we get into this situation?

Taking care of the oceans for the present and future

Acting for what matters is about ensuring a healthy, sustainable, and safe future. Thanks to the Gravity Wave Awards, we reward all the actors who believe in and work with us to achieve our goal: ending plastic pollution in the sea.


Shortlisted for the Gravity Wave Awards

The Gravity Wave Awards are approaching and we already know the companies, ports and fishermen / port entity that will be eligible for the OLA’s Gravity Wave Awards 2022.

Prizes that clean up the sea

Two main objectives:

To acknowledge the companies that worked with us in 2021 in a committed way to achieve plastic-free seas.

Promote awareness and participation of different actors in society to take action against the problem caused by plastic waste polluting the oceans.

Thanks to the Plastic Free Oceans commitment

+85 companies       

+4.000 traditional fishermen    

+100.000 kg of plastic collected


We reward your environmental commitment

Cleaning up the seas is a challenge we should all be part of. The solution lies in our hands, and to highlight the work, effort, and commitment of all those who are joining this great wave of change, we have created the Gravity Wave Awards.

Gracias al compromiso Plastic Free Oceans

+85 empresas       

+4.000 pescadores tradicionales    

+100.000 kg plástico recogido


Premiamos tu compromiso medioambiental

La limpieza de los mares es un desafío del que todos deberíamos formar parte. En nuestras manos está la solución y para poner en valor el trabajo, esfuerzo y compromiso de todos los que se suman a esta gran ola de cambio, hemos creado los Gravity Wave Awards.

5 award categories for companies and entities

Best Plastic Footprint Award  

For the company or entity that manages to compensate and reduce the consumption of plastic in the activity carried out by its employees.

Best Recycled Product Award

For the company or entity that has opted for innovative products made from recyclable materials obtained from the sea.

Highest Impact Award for Plastic Collected from the Sea

To the company that manages to remove the most plastic from the sea throughout 2022.

Highest Impact Award for Coastal Collected Plastic

The award for the highest impact on plastic collected by Costas is given to the company whose actions prevent plastic from entering the sea.

Pioneer company in the PFO Movement Award

To the company that succeeds in revolutionising its sector and supports the Plastic Free Oceans movement.


Special Mention to Public Entity

To the company or public body that promotes the importance of clean seas.


Special Mention for the Best Awareness Campaign

As the name suggests, this award goes to the company producing the best awareness campaign.

Prize for traditional fishermen

This year, it is not only companies that are taking part but also individuals who are fighting plastic pollution first-hand.


Do you want to be the next GWA company?

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