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At Gravity Wave, we make tables with very original and innovative designs. We use plastic waste and fishing ghost nets picked up from the sea to create them, collaborating with other companies that are helping build a healthier planet.


Our planters are built under the principles of eco-design. They are created to protect and house plant life. Plants are already beautiful and deserve to be placed in planters that enhance their beauty, giving them a place to live. 



A unique and different way to give a second life to the plastic we pick up from the sea is to make trophies like these. Our trophies aren’t just that, they tell a story. Like the one we made for the Gravity Wave Awards, they are trophies that reflect our “wave of change” and were awarded to different companies for their dedication to the sustainability of seas and oceans.


To help cities and companies show their commitment to helping the planet, we manufacture corporation lettering made from fishing ghost nets picked up from the bottom of the sea.