muebles reciclados

Why recycled furniture?

“At Gravity Wave, we create recycled furniture that has a positive impact and cares for the oceans and the planet”.

Motivated by the urge to make a substantial change on the planet, we were inspired by the marine environment to recycle, reimagine and reinvent the life cycle of plastic waste.

Now is our time to make a difference, because there may be no other.

Discover our ideas for recycled furniture


From fishing nets to recycled furniture

After diving into one of the greatest challenges we face as humanity, we came up with a solution to preserve and restore the balance of the environment and the oceans.


Our suggestion: transforming plastic waste into original, timeless and sustainable design furniture.

We pick up fishing ghost nets from the depths of the sea to repair the past, but also to promote the natural environment for the next generations. 


We are committed to not only promoting sustainability but also to furnishing the future. That’s why you can’t miss out on our new products.

muebles reciclados
macetas recicladas
Here starts

The sustainable furniture revolution

We redefined how we create furniture to reduce ocean pollution and prevent the plastic that is still being generated.

This is how we contribute to the circular economy, designing sustainable furniture that transforms discarded plastic waste from the sea into unique pieces. Moreover, each design is unrepeatable.

Eco-friendly furniture that creates evoking sea experiences

The design, colour and functionality of our furniture bring the essence of the sea to the city, homes, workplaces and any indoor and outdoor space.

With our sustainable furniture:

– The energy of the environment is immersed in freshness and a deep connection with the ocean.

– The versatility of our material allows adaptability to a multitude of shapes, rooms and various interior design and architectural decorations. 

– Thanks to the range of colours and finishes, they can be combined with eco-friendly furniture made of wood and/or other recycled materials, and can even function as recycled furniture for an industrial style.

muebles reciclados

Original recycled furniture for modern life

We all have an important role to play in ensuring the direction of our planet, which is why we do what we do.


At GravityWave we unite our values, commitment and effort to give way to new possibilities that ensure a new level of comfort and well-being while respecting the environment.

The result: fresh, pleasant and dynamic environments for the people and the planet.