Take advantage of our Partners’ offers

Eleanor Desk

The Eleanor designer desk by Faberin gives a second life to waste extracted from the seabed. Get 15% off with the code: GRAVITYWAVE15

Woodabu Headboard

This headboard from the  “Pure Oceans” collection is designed to improve the owner’s lifestyle, making it more sustainable and planet-conscious. Get 5% off with the code: Gravity5

FABERIN Hiru Table

Sturdy, comfortable, with an elegant design, and now also Ocean Friendly. With this Faberin Hiru table, we are taking back the essence of the sea. Discount code: GRAVITYWAVE15

Viña Esmeralda Wine

How good it feels to clean the sea! For the purchase of every bottle of wine, we clean the sea of the plastic waste that damages it so much.

Woodabu Mirror

This fresh and innovative mirror furnishes the present and the future. It is made from sustainable wood and our Gravity Wave material. Get 5% off: Gravity5

Knoweats Dishes

Eating healthy and taking care of the ocean is the purpose Knoweats shares through their delicious dishes which compensate for the plastic footprint of their packaging.