Knoweats is the food delivery service that offsets its plastic footprint thanks to Gravity Wave.

Since its inception, Knoweats has been clear that taking care of the environment is essential. However, in the world of food, plastic is still a necessary material to preserve food properly.


In the quest to reduce their impact, Knoweats have tried everything. They have tried to avoid the use of plastics and other polluting materials by trying different eco-friendly packaging, but they have been forced to use BPA-free polypropylene plastic packaging. It is a 100% recyclable alternative that guarantees the highest safety and resistance to transport and maintains the best flavour.

Knowing the importance of enjoying the present, they want the next generation to continue to do so also. With this in mind, Knoweats joins our Plastic Free Oceans commitment to reduce plastic waste pollution in the oceans. 

Knoweats removes the same amount of plastic from the sea as it generates in its own business/b>

One of Knoweats’ values is to be sustainable. They do not want to meet the needs of today by compromising the needs of future generations.

To tackle the problem of plastic use and its negative impact on the environment, they have set themselves the goal of removing from the sea the same amount of plastic that they generate when storing the food that the company sells.  

But that’s not all, because for every purchase you make of their products, you are also helping to clean up the seas, as part of the proceeds goes to support Gravity Wave’s mission. 

Take away food that cares for the oceans and the planet


Daniel Peréz is the founder of knoweats, and he is committed to mitigating the negative impacts on the environment caused by using plastic.

We applaud their initiative because, with their business, you will not only get food delivered to make your life easier, but we can also have a cleaner planet.

Are you in? You can be part of the solution too!