vino sostenible

VIÑA ESMERALDA – the first wine to clean plastic pollution from the sea

United by our mission to free the oceans from plastic pollution, Viña Esmeralda takes its commitment to the sustainability of the oceans a step further. Throughout 2022, they will clean 27 tonnes of plastic from the coasts and Mediterranean seaports in an effort to restore its essence with their sustainable wine.

For every bottle of wine sold, they remove the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from the Mediterranean Sea. 

Equivalent to plastic bottles collected.

*Data updated on 14/09/2022

vino sostenible

The climate crisis, one of its main causes being plastic pollution, has a direct impact on grapevines, a plant that is very sensitive to temperature changes. This means that any variation that affects the vineyard and causes the grape harvests to advance has an impact on the quality of the wine.


Being aware of this, and wanting to help restore the environmental balance and restore the essence of the Mediterranean, this year Viña Esmeralda is going one step further by joining forces with us.

Their purpose is not only to be inspired by the sea with their new edition By The Sea, but to create wines that clean the Mediterranean.

cleaning the sea has never tasted SO good

MUCH more than wine 

Their wine is fresh, elegant, and with a touch of sweetness. It is reminiscent of the summer sea, making it irresistible. It has two unique flavours, but what makes it extra special is the knowledge that you are taking care of the environment and helping the oceans while enjoying life’s little-big moments. 


If you want to discover the first bottle of wine that cleans up the plastic from the Mediterranean, click here:

Available in Spain and 10 countries around the world.