Why recycled tables? Experiential, ecological, and environmentally friendly are some words that describe the neighbourhood of La Pinada, a new leisure space that comes to life in this sustainable neighbourhood just 10 minutes from Valencia. 

What used to be 5000 square metres of degraded land, “Fun Places” has regenerated and transformed it into a sustainable leisure area, endowed with social value and destined for leisure and enjoyment of people in the open air and in contact with nature.

In the quest to achieve the minimum environmental impact, Fun Places, thanks to its collaboration with Gravity Wave, has 10 tables recycled with plastic and nets from the Mediterranean Sea, equivalent to 66 kilos of recycled plastic.

You can watch the collaboration video here:



This initiative, which has its raison d’être in the promotion of a circular economy, not only brings value to people but also provides them with a more enriching and enjoyable lifestyle. But… How did it all come about?



The future is here: infrastructures that promote sustainability and social well-being are already a reality. And we present you with one of them. 


The “La Pinada” neighbourhood is a 30-hectare area currently under construction and located in Paterna.

 In the near future, it will fulfil its objective of providing a new lifestyle: more collaborative, adapted to people’s real situations, and based on efficient use of the energy resources required by each home. 

In short, it is an environment that aspires to be kinder to the quality of life of people and the planet, the structure of which will be arranged by its inhabitants. 


mesas recicladas


The need to promote a circular economy and a change of mentality in the construction of neighbourhoods like this one make up the paradigm that the planet needs to support the accelerated growth of large cities.

However, La Pinada is not only understood as a sustainable neighbourhood but also as a community, where interaction and the experiential factor are of great importance, which is tangible in La Pinada Fun. This space, an initiative of, Iker Marcaide, promotes an integral, sustainable and collaborative lifestyle at its best.



Sport, culture, and all kinds of outdoor activities, with friends or family, are contemplated within this transforming project that the people of the neighbourhood can enjoy every day.

Today, thanks to La Pinada Fun, 25 new jobs have been created, €110,000 has been invested in local suppliers, 250 local artists have been welcomed, and 10 CSR events have taken place.

A year full of positive impact that has generated 21K smiles.

And, of course, to keep in line with its values of sustainability and respect for the environment, Gravity Wave recently installed 10 recycled tables manufactured in Valencia and made from plastic collected in Spain.

Colourful, unique and a product of the sea’s cleanliness, what do you think?



Fun Places is an initiative of the Zubi labs group led by Belén Balada, Co-founder of the project, which arises to regenerate and activate spaces through placemaking, whose pilot starts with La Pinada Fun, located in Barrio La Pinada. The future is here: infrastructures that promote sustainability and social well-being are already a reality. And we present to you one of them.



To sustainable places, sustainable solutions. Those who feel the need to make a space more responsible and committed to the planet find in Gravity Wave custom-made and valuable solutions that give a second and long life to plastic extracted from seas and oceans. 

Having one of these recycled tables is not only a functional piece of furniture but also a commitment to the environment. Plastic, when it does not end up polluting the oceans, is a versatile and resistant material that can be used in furniture for the hospitality industry, business, home… And much more!

Can you imagine having a piece of furniture made from the same material as these tables, knowing that you are cleaning the sea at the same time? Chairs, shelves, backrests… What kind of furniture would you use it on? Discover everything we do on our projects page

Find out how we collect plastic from the sea at Gravity wave and on our social media pages.